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Tools are the foundation of any ASIC project, and make an important contribution the the quality of results. In addition to standard EDA tools, it is often beneficial to have custom tools to make the design flow more efficient.

Code generation allows a simple specification to generate a large amount of RTL code that would otherwise have to be written by hand. Offloading this tedious and error-prone work to a software tool improves productivity and reduces the risks associated with large bodies of hard-to-maintain code.

Sometimes it is necessary to continue development of a design where automatic code generation is desirable, or where many similar but not identical instances are needed. In these cases a simple domain-specific language may allow straightforward specification of the designs to be compiled to RTL.


Kingswood Consulting has successully implemented many custom EDA tools, including:

  • Domain-specific compilers, for declarative or imperative languages.
  • Code generators for C, C++ or hardware design languages.
  • VHDL source code code preprocessing.
  • Automatic language translation, e.g. VHDL to SystemC.
  • Math function generators, for highly optimized mathematical operators.
  • ASIC standard cell database reading Synopsys Liberty .lib files.
  • Source code analysis, e.g. to create dependency graph or documentation.
  • Digital signature generation and checking for design signoff.

Legacy tools

Some free tools are available. These are legacy projects and not being updated, but can still be downloaded by following the links in the menu.

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